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Ultrasonic parking space detector

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  • Ultrasonic parking space detector is a detector that uses ultrasonic reflection method to detect the presence of an object within a distance, the best detection location is installed horizontally in the ceiling, basipetal detection, best fit to install on the top of the parking space. Ultrasonic parking space detector adopts RS485 interface for remote communication.

    Data Sheet

    Product   main model




    Product   name

    Ultrasonic   parking space detector

    Ultrasonic   parking space detector

    parking   space indicator light

    Communication   interface

    RS485   interface;  Address 1-63; Data format: N81

    Baud   rate: 48009600 bps are optional.

    Data   update cycle

    3   seconds

    Temperature/   humidity

    Operating   temperature:-20-+60°C, humidity 95%, No dew and non-corrosive gases places.

    Auxiliary power supply



    Power   consumption

    U01-T4W2 power consumption< 25mA ,              U02-T4W2 power consumption<50mA

    Lightning   surge

    power   input terminal ±2KV;voltage measurement terminal±2KV;  communication interface±2KV


    U02-T4W2   with three circuits relay output

    Red,   Green double colors are highlighted

    Measurement range setting

    Four   levels measurement range setting






    l  Can set address and detection   distance through dial switch, the detection distance is four levels   adjustable.

    l  Can set address and baud rate   through RS485 command.

    l  Make the ultrasonic indicator   flashing when there is no car through RS485 command.

    l  ultrasonic detector is equipped   with a red, green double color highlight indicator light, light is red when   there is a car in the parking space, light is green when there is no car in   the parking space.

    l  Standard MODBUS communication   protocol RS485 interface communication, agreement can also be made according   to the user's requirement.





    l  With three circuits relay output, can be used to control the electronic lock.

    l  The baud rate and address can be modified remotely.

    l  With two circuits power-line terminal and RS485 port terminal, easy for installation.

    l  With local communication tips and ultrasonic receiving exception tips.

    l  With wide power supply range, AC current 9-30V powered.

    l  Adjustable detection distance, 0.5 meters per level, the maximum distance is up to 4 meters.

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