Broadband Power Line Carrier (PLC) Module

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  • This product is a data transmission module that adopts the principle of multi-carrier modulation orthogonal frequency division multiplexing technology to carry out high-speed, long-distance serial transmission of parallel data through frequency division multiplexing, and realizes a power line carrier communication method.

    The self-developed intelligent PLC has the characteristics of automatic networking, high reliability, long-distance transmission, power adaptation, no wiring, and multi-node communication. It can be widely used in railway, electric power, chemical, military, petroleum and other industries with high safety requirements. At the same time, it is also very suitable for use in environments where old equipment is upgraded and communication lines are insufficient, such as data transmission in railway trackside inspections.

    Signal modulation adaptive function: OFDM adaptive carrier mapping function, each receiving station automatically analyzes the signal quality of each sub-carrier of the received signal, and uses the best modulation method accordingly to improve and ensure communication quality.

     Automatic networking function: do not need to configure IP address and MAC address, the whole process does not need human intervention.

    Automatic routing function (long-distance type does not include this function): It does not depend on the network topology and historical data, automatically optimizes the routing path, and avoids data collision and congestion to the greatest extent.

    Automatic network access function: The number of nodes can be increased or decreased at any time on the normal working network, without manual configuration, the device will automatically join the network to send data.

    Automatic gain function: can detect the interference environment of the power line, automatically adjust the signal-to-noise ratio and signal strength, achieve the smallest attenuation and best reception of useful signals, minimize noise interference from the power line and reduce PLC power consumption.

    Automatic relay function (long-distance type does not include this function): It can automatically collect the addresses of neighboring sites, thereby automatically forming the neighboring site routing table; when one or more of them has a communication failure, the nearest site will automatically Relay forwarding the information that needs to be forwarded at the point of failure. Thus skipping the point of failure, and automatically re-establish a new route.

    Health diagnosis function: The system automatically analyzes the signal of the main body and nodes, and automatically judges whether the equipment is good or bad.

    Automatic recovery function: The device will automatically restart the unit and access the network if there is no heartbeat data at the specified time.

    Remote update function: through the server remote software update and site settings.




    Power supply

    DC 12V, 15V (typical)



    Baud rate


    Carrier transmission rate

    Up to 0.507Mbit/s

    Working environment

    AC 220VAC/DC; 110VAC/DC, 50/60Hz, no electrical conductor

    Communication distance

    >6Km   (Measured)

    Packet loss rate


    working environment

    Temperature:   -40~85; Humidity: 90% (no dew);

    Service model

    Master-slave   mode, MESH mode

    Communication protocol

    IPV6 protocol

    Series of communication standards

    IEEE 1901.1 standard subset,   support P1901.1, support OFDM/FSK modulation, support tonemask

    Communication frequency band

    unSpec standards, EN50561,   EN55022, EN50065, FCC Part 15B and KCC

    Communication security

    Support 128/256-bit AES and AES engine, encryption/decryption and   security authentication functions

    Power line carrier frequency


    Networking time

    10 seconds

    Receiving sensitivity

    Better than   0.2mVpp

    The amount of data

    Support   picture transmission

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