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  • This product is a combined current transformer that can simultaneously detect lightning current and AC high current. The two-way current inputs and outputs are completely isolated, with high isolation voltage. The product is safe and reliable, and the signal is electromagnetically isolated, which makes the output signal and the input signal have a linear relationship. The product has the advantages of high precision, fast response and simple installation. It can be widely used in real-time detection/monitoring of lightning current and AC high current signals, computer field data acquisition, industrial control, PLC measurement and control and other automatic control systems.

    Data Sheet

    * Input lightning current range: 100A~50KA;

      Input AC high current range:0.1A~1000A;

    * Output range ratio:

     Lightning current output ratio: 100A/3mV;

    AC high current output ratio: 1000A/200mA;

    * Accuracy level:

     Lightning current detection accuracy: 10%;

     AC high current detection accuracy: 0.5%;    

    * load capacity:

    Lightning current output load ≥1MΩ;

    AC high current load ≤50Ω(rated voltage output10V)

    * Temperature drift: ≤200ppm/

    * Isolation withstand voltage:

    Between the input signal and the output signal, the isolation withstand voltage is 10KVDC, the leakage current is less than 1mA, and the duration is 60 seconds;

    * Response time: ≤50 Us;

    * Working environment: temperature:-20~70; humidity: ≤70%no dew)。



    Figure 1, product shape


    Figure 2, product installation diagram

    Combined measurement: the product input current is a combination of lightning current and AC high current probe, which can detect lightning current and AC high current at the same time;

    Wide input signal:

    The lightning current input signal measuring range is 100A~50 KA;

    AC high current input signal measuring range is 0.1A~1000A;

    High precision, low temperature drift: Linearity and long-term stability are guaranteed to be within the accuracy range;

    Easy to install: Standard rail mounting and screw mounting;

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