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  • CE series Multi-channel DC current collector applies to PV combiner box, and used for monitoring the operation of panels. The main function includes photocell current, measuring the voltage, electrical power and electric plating. Also texting the service life, and gathering the operation of DC circuit breaker, relay control output. The device works with RS485, relay and analog outputs, switch input and local LED display.

    Data Sheet






    Output   channel

    8   channel

    12   channel

    16   channel

    24   channel

    Input   range

    DC   0-1000V/ 0-30A


    1.0   for solar panel, 0.5 for analog inputs

    Temperature drift


    Communication Interface

    RS485,Modbus protocol,No   parity(default settings)/ Odd / even parity,1stop,

    1200,2400,4800,9600(default   settings),19200,57600bps

    Data update cycle



    Isolation voltage

    Power   supply/gathered input/digital output/voltage input/switch

    input/relay   output isolated from each other2500V DC/1 min.

    Temperature / Humidity

    Operating Temperature-25-+60°Chumidity: 95%

    Power   supply

    100-1000VDC   or 220VAC/DC or DC24V

    Power   consumption


    Lightning Surge

    Power   supply:4KV;voltage input terminals:4KV;

    communication terminals: 2KV


    300X90X105(L*W*H)   mm;


    Customize   function if required:

    Relay output

    1channel,   8A/AC250V(8A/DC 30V)

    Switch input

    3   group inputsDry   contact

    Analog Input

    DC   0(4)-20mA,DC0-10V   (Please contact us if other spec. needed)

    Power   supply output

    Isolated output 24Vminimum1W;5Vmaximum output   load 0.5W




    300X90X105(L*W*H) mm


    Measured by Hall sensor and the maximum current is 30A;

    Hole-tru input, more convenient and high safety;

    Current has bipolar measurement, which used for measuring the positive and negative;

    Provide two standards analog signal input with 0-10Vand 0-20mA. That can easy to transfer other sensor signal;

    Can measure the voltage of PV modules, the maximum voltage is DC 1KV;

    Power supply used solar battery voltage with self-powered90­V-1000V D,which is better in on-site construction;

    With local LED display and has LED indicator reminder function with each current operation and short circuit;

    With small volume, can be measured with 24 channel current;

    RS485 output with Modbus-RTU protocol.

    Short circuit of the solar panel alarmed by LED display and data transmission;

    Switch input for DC breaker or lightning device status monitoring;

    Relay output for automatic control of DC breaker switch on and off;

    Provide the temperature sensor, radiation sensor, and wind speed sensor with analog input (4-20mA/0-5V) Interface;

    Output 12V or 24Vdc power for the extra environment sensors;

    6 digit LED display each channel current in circle, with power saving mode;

    Modbus RTU protocol, address, baud rate and data mode can be modified according the conditions. The setting mode includes local DIP switch setting and remote communication settings;

    Can measure the battery voltage after confluence, and also can calculate the power and electric.

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