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What is Current Transducer

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What is Current Transducer?

Current transducer is a device that converts AC current or DC current into a linear standard electrical signal.


Basically current transducer is consists of four parts , sensitive component, conversion component, conversion circuit, power circuit.

How does current transducer work?

The measured electrical signals are usually current, voltage, power, frequency, etc. The sensitive component detects electrical parameters and transmits the signal to the conversion component, which converts the signal into a small current signal. Then pass it to the conversion circuit, which processes small current signals and outputs standard electrical signals, usually 0-5V, 4-20mA, RS485, etc.

Finally, the standard electrical signal reaches the terminal equipment, such as PLC, display, control cabinet, etc.


What types do you need?

It’s critical that you understand the input signal type and the output signal type needed for your application when purchasing. More of our returned merchandise comes from a misunderstanding of this concept than from anything else.

There are many different types of tranducers, depending on how they modify the signal.

At SSET, we have the following transducers:

1.Current transducer

2.Voltage transducer

3.Power transducer

4.Frequency transducer 

5.Multi-parameters transducer

6.Temperature transducer

What is the difference between current transformer and current transducer?

1. Measured current

The current transformer only senses the magnitude of the current that is proportional to the secondary, while the current transducer converts the magnitude of the sensed current into another signal, such as a signal of 0-20mA.

2. Output signal

Current transformers generally output 5AAC or 1AAC.

Current transducers generally output small signals of 50mA,100mA or 5V, and can also output 4-20mA, which is convenient for automatic control.

3. Accuracy

In terms of measurement accuracy, current transducers are better than current transformers. The measured current distortion, multiple harmonics, non-sine waves, etc., have a greater impact on the accuracy of the current transformer measurement results, while the impact on the current transducer is relatively small.