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Application of non-contact voltage in overvoltage detection

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With the development of electric power system, the voltage level is improved, and the height of tower is also increased. Therefore, overhead transmisstion lines are easier to be damaged by overvoltage, and causing equipment damage and power failure. Although lightning arresters and other equipment are installed in the elecrtic power system, the over-voltage accidents of transmission lines are still serious.

Most of existing overvoltage online monitoring devcies are mainly designed for the electrical equipment within subsation,but the overvoltage on overhead transmisstion lines and the overvoltage with substaions have different waveforms and amplitudes. So the overvoltage waveform measured in the substation can not be equal to that of the transmission line.

SSET’s non-contact voltage transducer is with different principle, it can be used to measure the overvoltage on overhead transmission lines and determine the reason of the overvoltage accident.It is without electrical connection, so more convenient and much safer.