New Product: Electromagnetic Interference Intelligent Detector

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Background: With the rapid development of electronic technology, with the emphasis on external radiated interference (EMI) of electronic products, railways, electric power and other industries have clearly proposed technical standards and required mandatory implementation.

Purpose: Used for EMI interference analysis of electronic products and important devices. It can quickly and accurately locate the interference source and radiation path; analyze the intensity distribution; compare and analyze the problem product before and after improvement.

Purpose: This equipment effectively provides a practical means of EMI quantitative analysis. It is a powerful tool for analysis, improvement, compliance and quality in product development, which greatly improves development efficiency.

Core functions

1. Broadband scanning - coarse scanning; Identify product EMI problem frequency

Set the scanning area and frequency range (9K ~ 3.2ghz, customizable) for preliminary wide-frequency range scanning, record the amplitude of each frequency, and identify the frequency of EMI problems with reference to the on-site use standard of the tested product.

2. Single frequency scanning imaging - fine scanning; Locate interference source and analyze radiation

Set the center frequency near the problem frequency, carry out plane scanning of fine-grained movement (such as 1mm movement step) for the tested product, record the amplitude under the problem frequency, draw the measurement results into a color temperature diagram, accurately locate the interference source and analyze the radiation intensity and range.

Application scenario

1. The EMI performance of pcb prototype board can be evaluated in the product design stage. Identify EMI problems as early as possible in the design process, take targeted suppression measures and optimize the design. It can effectively reduce costs and shorten the R & D cycle.

2. In the product audit stage, PCB products are sampled and tested to ensure product consistency.

3. Help solve EMI problems of existing products. Help engineers quickly locate problems and analyze the scope of influence to improve work efficiency.

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EMI Near Field Scanning and Quantitative Analysis System