Notices to Users                    

  • The transducers should only be used in environments having no conductive dust, corrosive or explosive gases. When a transducer is used in an environment with strong electromagnetic interference. Standard protection should be taken. Such as input wires and induction apertures should be shielded, output wires should be as shorter as possible.

  • If the user has no special requirement, the range of operating temperature of the transducers is 0~50℃.

  • If the user has no special requirement, the electric specifications of AC energy transducers are applied to 50Hz AC circuit only.

  • The transducers have been calibrated before delivery. Please contact the company if readjustment is required.

  • Do not remove or destroy the label on the transducer.

Warranty service

  • Warranty items
                     With proper using and correct connection, the product fail to work due to its own problem, SSET will repair or replace the product.

  • Exceptions
                          Items are not covered under warranty:
                          1. Unable to provide the purchase order number and label of the product.
                            2. The product is damaged by improper use or installing.
                        3. The sealed case of the product has been removed or the product has been repaired by user.
                           4. The product is damaged by the tough environment which is out of its spec.
                            5. Product has been out of warranty date.
                          6. Your demands are higher than standard or spec. of SSET products have.

  • Warranty date
     SSET guarantees the original purchaser of our products a 12-month warranty from date of purchase or date of proforma invoice.

  • Warranty procedures
    1. If the product is damaged within warranty period, user needs to send it back to SSET.
    2. Our professional technical engineers will do the error inspection and make the conclusion. If the damage is due to the quality problems, SSET will be free of the charge of repairing or replacement. If it's caused by misusing, SSET will provide a paid service of mending.