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  • The high precision perforation type AC micro current isolation transducer developed by our company applies to microampere or milliampere AC current detection in various electrical systems, such as lightning arrester status detection ( good, lose efficacy, damage), a variety of electrical equipment, devices, instruments insulation and leakage current detection.

    Data Sheet

    * Test conditions: power supply: +24V, room temperature: 25℃.

    * Input range: 0.5~10~500mAAC;

    * Output: 0~5VDC,0~10VDC,0~20mADC,4~20mADC;

    * Output ripple: ≤10mV;

    * Auxiliary power supply: +12V, +15V, +24V;

    * Accuracy: class 1.0;

    * Linearity range: 0~120%;

    * Load capacity: current output≤250Ω, voltage output≥2KΩ;

    * Temperature drift: 300ppm;

    * Isolation voltage: 2500VDC/60S;

    * Response time: ≤300 mS;

    * Rated power consumption: 1W;

    * Frequency range:45Hz-55Hz;

    * Surge impact immunity:

       Power port three–level ±2KV(L-N/2Ω/ integrated wave)

       Analog I /O port three-level±2KV (L-N/40Ω/integrated wave);

    * Impulse immunity: Input / power port ±2KV          Analog I /O port±1KV

    * Input overload capacity: 20 times of the measured current nominal value(Maximum 500A,apply  one second, repeat five times, interval 300S)

    * Operating condition: Temperature: -10~60℃;  Humidity: ≤95%( No dew)

    * Storage condition: Temperature: -55~65℃; 



                                                                                       Product outline


                                                                                        Installation dimensions


                                                                     Wiring diagram with current output


                                                                       Wiring diagram with current output

    * High detection precision

      Detection range up to 0.5~100m; Low end detection deviation less than15uA;

    * Easy to use

       Adopts perforative input, it is very easy for users to install and debug;

    * Strong overload ability

       Can withstand high current impulse; It can also be tested in high voltage environment, avoid the    inescapable weakness of connection detection;

    * Wide power adaptation

       The product needs only single power supply, at the same time the influence of the power supply    down-deflection is small, solved the problem of           traditional (Hall magnetic balanced principle) dual      power source operation and great influence of power supply down-deflection.

    * High stability

       The product adopts various shielding measures, very effective inhibition of spatial interference to    ensure the accuracy and stability of testing.

    * Excellent temperature characteristics

       Every  1℃ changes of the temperature, the output drift is less than 400ppm;

    * Excellent characteristic of zero point

       Different from the principle of the traditional (hall magnetic equilibrium principle), with excellent    characteristic of zero point.

       The input/output/power supply of this product adopts the surge suppression, enable the product to       meet three levels of anti-interference level of the 《IEC61000-4-5(GBT17626.5)》 standard.

    * High safety performance

       Using contactless input, make the input voltage isolation up to 35KV(not the bare wire situation).    Greatly improved the safety in using this product.

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