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  • The output signal of the tracking type transducer can fast track the input signal changes. This product adopts the new isolation chip, photoelectric isolation principle, the input AC DC voltage signal is converted to a linear AC DC voltage signal after isolation. It is a treble isolation product, that is input,output and auxiliary power supply are isolated from each other. With characteristics of high precision,high isolation voltage,high speed,low temperature drift. Solved the common mode interference of sensor, transducer or instrument signal transmission,electrical isolation and signal standardization problems.Especially suitable for high-speed transient waveform collection,harmonic analysis and rapid monitoring and alarm fields. Can be widely used in electricity, railways, communication,PLC measurement and control system and various automatic control systems.

    Data Sheet

    * Test condition: auxiliary power supply:24V, room temperature: 25℃;

    * Input range: voltage: 0-1V~500V AC/DC ;

    * Output: 0-5V AC/DC;

    * Auxiliary power supply: 12VDC、24V DC、85-265V AC/DC(MS3 case style);

    * Accuracy: class 0.5;      

    * Input impedance: 20*U KΩ(U<50V),1MΩ(≥50V) ;

    * Load capacity: ≥2KΩ ;

    * Temperature drift: ≤200ppm/℃;

    * Isolation voltage: ≥2500 V DC ; 

    * Response time: ≤20 uS ;               

    * Rated power consumption: <1.1W ;

    * Output ripple: none;

    * Frequency range: 0~1KHZ;

    * Surge impace immunity:

       Power port three-level ±2KV(L-N/2Ω/intergrated wave), 

       Analog output port three -level (L-N/40Ω/intergrated wave);

    * Impulse immunity: input/power port ±2KV , analog output port ±1KV;

    * Input overload capacity: 2 times of the measured voltage norminal value.

    * Operating condition: temperature:-10~60℃; humidity: ≤95% (no dew);

    * Storage condition: -20~70℃.



    MS1 case


    MS3 case 


    Installation dimensions


                                                                                         Wiring diagram

    High precision,better than class 0.5.

    Quick response, uS grade. Wide frequency response which reached to 2KHz.

    Voltage output port and power port with strong anti-interference capability, can withstand a wave surge of 2KV respectively.

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