Non-contact AC voltage transducer

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  • This product is an AC voltage detection sensor that uses the principle of capacitance to realize non-contact detection. It can be widely used in industries with high safety requirements such as military, chemical, railway, and petroleum, which are inconvenient to adopt direct contact measurement methods or need to improve monitoring safety. It is also very suitable for use in the power industry where AC high voltage monitoring is required.

    Data Sheet

    *Measuring range: 100mVAC~10VAC, 10VAC ~1KVAC, 1KVAC ~ 40.5KVAC

    * Output method:

    l   Analog output: 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC, 4-20mA, 0-20mA;

    l   Digital interface: customizable RS485, RS232, CAN;

    l   Internet of Things: NB-IOT, GPR, LORA etc., free IoT platform services;

    * Frequency Range: 40Hz ~ 10kHz;

    *power supply: +24V DC, ±15VDC(PCB installation);

    *Accuracy: 0.5 class (Under normal temperature standard environment);

    * Load capacity: load 2KΩ (voltage output), load 250Ω (current output);

    * Temperature drift: ≤500ppm/;

    * Isolation voltage: the output end is isolated from the power supply with a withstand voltage of 2.5KV;

    The insulation withstand voltage of the non-contact probe can be customized according to customer requirements.

    *Response time: ≤1S;

    * Rated power consumption: <2.5W;

    * Output ripple: ≤10mV;

    * Surge impact immunity:

    l   Power port: four-level 4KV (L-N/2Ω / integrated wave);

    l   Analog I/O port: secondary 1KV(L-N/40Ω/combined wave);

    *Working environment: Temperature: -40~85°C; Humidity: 90% (no condensation);

    *Storage conditions: -40~85 °C;


    Figure 4, product selection table


    Figure 1, reference outline drawing of case style


    Figure 2, reference outline drawing of MH16 (PCB installation)


    Figure 3, high-precision non-contact probe (customized open type)


    Figure 5, reference wiring diagram of CE-13005A-**MS5-0.5 (product top view)


    Figure 6, reference wiring diagram of CE-13005A-**MH16-0.5 (product bottom view)


    Figure 7, MS5 outline installation dimension drawing (top view)


    Figure 8, MH16 outline installation dimension drawing (bottom view and right side view)

    High security: The non-contact detection method has no effect on the tested line, completely eliminating the short-circuit hidden danger that may be caused by the contact measurement voltage.

    High precision: with 0.5% detection accuracy;

    Wide range: 100mVAC~ 40.5KV AC;

    Multi-class output: analog, digital, analog + digital;

    Multiple transmissions: Wired, Wireless, Internet of Things (providing a free Internet of Things detection platform);

    Easy installation:It has two kinds of installation methods: closed loop and open type, various shapes and mounting structures (PCB board, guide rail, screw);

    High reliability: high isolation and high withstand voltage between the input terminal and the line under test.

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