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  • This product is an AC voltage detection module that uses the principle of capacitance detection to realize non-contact detection.

    It can be widely used in industries with high safety requirements such as military industry, chemical industry, railway, petroleum, etc., which are inconvenient to use direct contact measurement methods or need to improve monitoring safety. It is also very suitable for use in power industries that require AC high-voltage monitoring.

    Data Sheet

    *Measuring range: 100mVAC~10VAC, 10VAC ~1KVAC, 1KVAC ~ 40.5KVAC (different measuring ranges must be matched with different types of probes);

    *Output: 0-5VAC (tracking output, output range can be customized);

    *Frequency range: 1.7KHz-2.6KHz (other frequency ranges can be customized);

    *Power supply: ±12VDC;

    *Accuracy: 1.0 grade (under normal temperature standard environment);

    *Load capacity: load 2KΩ (voltage output)

    *Temperature drift: 200ppm/ (when matched with PCB probe);

    Temperature drift performance description: When matched with a closed probe, the temperature drift of the module is relatively large. You need to design a digital circuit to compensate before reaching 500ppm/. The digitally compensated product is a digital output;

    *Isolation voltage: the insulation withstand voltage of the non-contact probe 5KVAC (can be customized as required);

    * Response time: 1us;

    *Rated power consumption: <0.1W;

    *Surge immunity: non-contact input port: four-level 4KV (L-N/2Ω/combined wave);

    *Working environment: temperature: -40~85; humidity: 90% no dew(temperature 26);

    *Storage temperature: -40~85


    Figure3, Product selection table


    Figure1, reference outline drawing of MS4 type (PCB mounting)


    Figure2, MS4 closed type high precision non-contact probe (open type can be customized)


    Figure6. Outline and installation dimensions of MS4 (bottom view and right side view)


    Figure7, Installation dimension drawing of closed probe


    Figure4, Reference wiring diagram of CE-VJ03N-1TMS4-1.0 (PCB probe) (product bottom view)


    Figure5, reference wiring diagram of CE-VJ03N-1TMS4-1.0 (closed probe) (bottom view of the module)

    High security: The non-contact detection method has no effect on the tested circuit, and completely eliminates the potential short-circuit hazard that may be caused by the contact measurement voltage method;

    High accuracy: better than 1% detection accuracy;

    Wide range: 100mVAC~6KVAC~ 40.5KV AC (with different probes);

    Convenient installation: The module adopts the PCB installation method, and the probe has two forms of closed loop and PCB;

    High reliability: high isolation and high voltage resistance (non-contact probe) between the input terminal and the circuit under test.

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