Single Channel Loop Vehicle detector

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  • CE-L02-J9 is a single channel digital inductive loop vehicle detector. It is mainly used to detect vehicle occupation. It's suitable for parking lot, toll station and signal lighting control system etc.. This detector is a single channel detector, which can only monitor one inductor coil simultaneously. There are two relays to provide the output signal, the user can select different output signals to control the mechanical drive, card dispenser or calculate the vehicles.

    Data Sheet

    Power supply:AC 220V±20%;
    Self tuning range: 30—700uH;
    Signal duration: No limited;
    Frequency: 20KHz—500KHz;
    Sensitivity:0.05%— 0.16% 3 step selectable;
    Response time: <100 ms;
    Alignment: nAutomatic regulation;
    Loop connection wiring: Max. length 500m, twisted at least 20 times per meter;
    Storage temperature:-40ºC ~ +85ºC;
    Operating temperature:-40ºC ~ +70ºC;
    Humidity:95% max;
    Lightening surge:±4KV (1.2/50uS) at power supply;
    Pulse:±3 KV/5KHz


    See the download information

    See the download information

    High reliability, the power supply terminal has high reliability lightning protection.
    Stability, automatic calibration function with temperature change.
    The user can choose different frequency to avoid the machine breakdown.
    Be equipped with three options switch (high, medium ,low) to control its sensitivity.
    Use simple breakdown detection capabilities, a light-emitting diode is used to indicate the state of the situation when a breakdown occurs.

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