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  • CE-NT01 NB-IOT transmission terminal is an external terminal that uses NB-IOT network for wireless data transmission. It is small in size and supports online, hibernation and PSM mode automatic switching. It realizes ultra-low power consumption and supports COAP/UDP network. protocol. Users do not need to set up a server to fully support industrial configuration applications. Users do not need to care about complex network protocols. Through a fully transparent serial port, wireless data can be sent and received, allowing your device to access the Internet anytime, anywhere.

    *Power supply: 5V or3.6V (disposable lithium battery)
    *SIM card voltage:1.8V/3.0V
    *Business data: NB-IOT
    *Supported frequency bands: Band 1/2/3/5/8/12/13/17/18/19/20/25/26/28/66/70
    (Currently, the product is only open for the Band2)
    *Bandwidth: 100bps~100Kbps
    *Transmit power: <23dBm±2dB
    *Accept sensitivity:<-139dBm±1dB
    *Sleep Power Consumption: 0.8mA@5V
    *Operating temperature: -35~+75℃(-31~+167°F)
    *Storage temperature: -40~+85℃(-40~+185°F)
    *Data interface: Support RS485, UART, AD (input DC voltage 0~500V or DC current 0~30mA)
    *Underlying data protocol: support MODBUS
    *Antenna interface: support SMA antenna interface
    *Working mode: COAP or UDP mode
    *Network protocol: COAP or UDP protocol
    *Other: Support AT commands




    ① Supports automatic conversion in online, sleep, and PSM modes to achieve extreme power consumption;
    ② Automatic analysis and processing of various situations to provide a stable and reliable NB-IoT network channel;
    ③ Support COAP/UDP network protocol;
    ④ Support local and remote parameter configuration;
    ⑤ Support for industrial configuration applications, OPC Server, support for virtual serial ports;
    ⑥ Support mobile phone web to view device running status in real time;
    ⑦ Provide RS485 communication interface, baud rate is selectable from 9600bps to 38400bps, start bit/stop bit/parity is optional;
    ⑧ The power supply and serial port adopt TVS anti-surge protection to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment;
    ⑨Supports seamless docking of all sensors with RS485\UART\analog signal interface for wireless signal conversion

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