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  • This product is a kind of single phase DC current isolation transducer, which can realize the input and output, the input and the auxiliary power supply, auxiliary power supply and output electricity isolation, adopts the photoelectric isolation method makes a linear relationship between output signal and the input signals. With characteristics of high precision, fast response, strong anti-interference ability,easy installation, can be widely used in all kinds of characteristic electromagnetic interference industry field, such as electroplating industry data collection,  as the pre-assembly parts of various automatic measurement and control systems etc.

    Data Sheet

    * Test condition: auxiliary power supply:+12V,

                                room temperature:25℃;

    * Input range: 0~5 A DC ; 

    * Output: 0~5VDC;4~20mA;0~10VDC;0~20mA;

    * Auxiliary power supply: 12VDC、15VDC、24VDC;

    * Rated power consumption: <0.8W(+12V) , <1.5W(+24V);

    * Accuracy: class 0.2, class 0.5 ( 2A above DC current input product) ;     

    * Load capacity: load≥2KΩ (voltage Vz output) , load≤250Ω (current Iy、Iz output);

    * Temperature drift: ≤300ppm/℃;

    * Voltage isolation: 2500 V DC; 

    * Response time: ≤300 mS ;  

    * Output ripple: ≤10mV;

    * Frequency range: none;

    * Input overload capacity: 2 time of the rated input value, 10 times per second;

    * Surge impact immunity:

       Power port three-level 2000V(L-N/2Ω/integrated wave)

       Analog I/O port three-level 2000V(L-N/40Ω/integrated wave)

    * Impulse immunity: none;

    * Operationg condition: temperature:-10~60℃; 

    *Storage condition: -40~+70℃.



    MS2 case


    Installation dimensions


                                                                                    Connection diagram

    Strong anti-interference ability: product input adds dedicated filter module, can resist strong interference, the complex environment of the scene.

    Strong stability: with internal temperature compensation circuit to compensate for the impact of ambient temperature on the product.

    Treble isolation: input, output, and power supply are completely isolated from each other, good anti-interference ability.

    High precision: linearity and long-term stability are guaranteed within the accuracy range.

    Easy installation: using standard rail mounting and screw mounting.

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